TeleAdapt was founded in 1992 by Gordon Brown. The name TeleAdapt is a portmanteau of telephone and adapter, as the company started by providing telephone adapters to business travellers. According to Brown, he was inspired to start the company after spotting a gap in the telecommunications market, and subsequently compiled the first complete list of foreign telephone plugs.

The company's headquarters have been located in Watford in Hertfordshire, since 2006. Six months after TeleAdapt's foundation, the company opened its first overseas office in America, and six months later opened another office in Australia. In 1993, TeleAdapt opened its third overseas office in Hong Kong. In 2003 the Dubai office was opened and TeleAdapt now has several offices in the United States, Hong Kong, China, United Arab Emirates, Korea, and Philippines.

In 2017, TeleAdapt had celebrated their 25th Anniversary.

Company Details

TeleAdapt Ltd.

Axis 5
Rhodes Way
WD24 4YW
United Kingdom

Registered Company Number: 02324696